What Is the Ideal Approach to Ordering Sushi?

October 5, 2020

Order Sushi Dubai

As a lover of sushi, you might have visited several restaurants in Dubai. There is a huge popularity surrounding sushi items in various Japanese restaurants in Dubai and other cities in UAE. People genuinely love these beautiful cuisines. But do you know the right way to order these, at classy restaurants? Sushi is a cultural thing, and not merely a fashionable food item. You should be aware of the steps to order sushi Dubai. Knowing the correct steps and executing them properly is very important when you are at a high-end sushi restaurant. This article tries to present a guide that you can simply follow and gather more details on this topic.

Sit at The Bar

You need to patiently sit at the bar and not tinker always about your order. Keep in mind that preparing sushi is a meditative exercise in itself. Hence, it is under ethical considerations not to continuously ask about the status of your order.

Trust Your Server

This is a hugely important step or instruction that you need to follow. Your server has expertise in serving sushi. He knows the exact ways to do it, with various kinds of aesthetic blends. You don’t have to worry about this. Don’t tell them or micro-manage in this context about what they need to do.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

Do you have any queries about sushi and how it is prepared? Don’t hesitate to ask various questions to the server, or even to the chef. The person would definitely love the interest that you show.

Avoid Ordering Everything Together

If you have a plan to experiment eating different varieties of sushi items, then the wisest decision you need to take is not ordering all the items at once. This is one of the most common etiquettes that are recommended. You need to order gradually. Enjoy the meals one by one. This will be a much more immersive experience.

About Soy Sauce/ Wasabi

Are soy sauce or wasabi served with your meal? If it is not served, then there is no requirement to ask for it. It falls under the sushi etiquette not to ask for either soy sauce or wasabi when it is not served with the order.

Avoid Flashy Rolls

It is better to avoid having flashy rolls because they seem to cover the unique flavors that sushi originally has.

Seeking Out Specialties

Interact with the restaurant employees asking them about various exclusive dishes that the restaurant is known for.

Head to The Top Sushi Restaurant

What are you waiting for? Simply visit the top sushi restaurant and have the best sushi in Dubai.

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