The Future of the Web Hosting Industry

April 25, 2020

To any company that cares about its online brand, web hosting Dubai has now become a must. If you have experience with web hosting tools, you can understand that things are evolving all the time. Therefore, it is essential to keep track of the advances in space to ensure that you are still hosting the newest and latest technology and platform. Now we'll take you through the four critical expectations of the web hosting industry.

Comprehensive Solutions

There is a constant change in the attitude of users towards the web hosting service. In today's date and time, they prefer complete solutions as opposed to separate hosting services. The reduction in the use of the term 'hosting' is evidence of this shift. Instead of searching for stand-alone hosting services, users are delving more towards comprehensive solutions, enabling them to run their website and emails efficiently. As such, a shift is expected from stand-alone services to those that focus on combining various aspects such as emails, SEO, and e-commerce, further ensuring needs and expectations are met.

Web Hosting Industry

Decentralization of Web Hosting

If you find yourself thinking about hosting as an operation in a centralized high-tech warehouse along with massive amounts of inessential wires of network and power, let us tell you that you are not the only one. As the world is increasingly becoming decentralized, web hosting is also using computing power outside the centralized architecture. With the increasing influence of decentralized computing systems, it will significantly impact web hosting as a service. Further, it will mandate an architectural shift in the way software is written.

Cloud Computing Will Take Over

In today's date and time, many IT managers are making the shift from corporate data centers to cloud infrastructure. There are expectations that in another ten years, the need for in-house data centers or web hosting servers will reduce by a massive amount. There won't, in fact, be a need for them. As the internet is increasing in popularity and being more widely used, there are expectations of consolidation in cloud computing services. Moreover, the common practice of hosting websites on single servers will dramatically reduce as there will be a rise in demand for higher availability and performance. Users will then have less tolerance towards downtime and slowness.

Data Center

Domination by Big Web Hosting Providers

In a few years, almost all the internet traffic will be drawn from about ten of the most significant hosting services, such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. The small hosting services will grow towards providing consultation and support to companies that run these applications on larger platforms. This power and domination by the more prominent hosting service providers might result in reduced innovation, followed by lower quality and higher prices. It will make it difficult and challenging for start-ups and smaller organizations to sustain and compete in the market. The anti-trust laws will then intervene, forcing more prominent companies to out their infrastructure division, and once again opening doors for start-ups and other pre-existing hosting providers to distort the market.

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