Places to Visit in Marina with Your Car Rental

July 21, 2020

Car Rental Dubai Marina

While this may be hard to picture, over a decade ago, Dubai Marina was barely more than a wide expanse of sand, filled with machinery and cranes. Fast forward to today, it has now become one of the busiest neighborhoods in the region. With a line-up of restaurants, bars, hotels, and the famous Dubai Marina Mall, it has become a popular area for residents to reside and work and tourists to explore. Given that there is so much to do in the area, let us now take a closer look at the places you can visit with your car rental Dubai Marina.

The Dubai Marina Mall

A 4-level mall home to over 130 outlets, there is something here for everyone. So, whether you are driving alone or in a group, you are sure to find something of everyone’s interest. Be it the wide range of boutique stores, dining options, kids play areas, or the movie theater, it is nothing short of entertaining. Moreover, they have dedicated parking for customers, making it extremely convenient for those with a car. 

Places to Visit in Marina with Your Car Rental

Phobia Dubai

A short drive from Marina, Phobia Dubai is the ideal game spot for a group of friends who are seeking a little indoor adventure. You and your friends will be locked in a room for an hour, so you can solve puzzles to find your way out.

The Lake

Surrounded by a range of restaurants offering you impeccable views of the lake, this is the perfect spot for your date night. Be it a quaint spot, lively bar, authentic cuisine, you can find all this and more here. In fact, there are many hidden gems in JLT which one can only explore with a car.


A bustling waterfront promenade, renowned for its distinctive amalgamation of leisure and activities, there is no argument against why this isn’t a good spot for both tourists and residents. Drive down to JBR and be in complete awe of the extensive variety of retail stores, dining options, and entertainment. That said, there is more to the place than just these – take a stroll through and notice the impressive art around. You will definitely make this your next hangout spot. 



Love dancing? Or want to learn how to dance? Well, then get your grooves on by heading down to DS2dio in JLT. There’s ample parking space around too, making it convenient for drivers as well. The best part is the dance routine also works as a great workout.

In Conclusion

Driving a rental car has never been easy. We make the entire process quick and simple, enabling customers a seamless overall experience. It offers you freedom of movement, allowing you to explore places that may otherwise be impossible, especially because public transport can’t get you to every destination.

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