Common Issues Solved by Cold Storage Warehouse Companies

June 18, 2020

A strategic plan and organizational skills are essential for a chilled warehouse in Dubai as it guarantees a streamlined process, there preventing any damage to the quality of the goods. In this article, we cover the most common problems faced by companies who store their cold products at an in-house facility rather than at a professional cold storage company. We also mention how they help overcome this issue.

Chilled Warehouse in Dubai

Right Temperature

If you have different products, each with varied temperatures to be sustained, can lead to spoilage and further shorten its shelf-life. There needs to be constant monitoring and adjustments to be made when a problem is detected. Seasonal changes and buildup of moisture may also affect the temperature. To eliminate all of this, it is best to source a professional cold storage company in Dubai, as they have the right tools for it.

Advanced Technology

Barcode quality and label readability are easily prone to damage. With a right company however, you can eliminate this problem as they have unique temperature resistant materials in place. If adhesives harden, the information stored on it may cause it to be unidentifiable. One also has to select appropriate rack labelling, thus making it easy to locate them. The cold storage company would have certain systems in place, guaranteeing operators real-time data about the location of the product.

Lowered Costs

The more the footprint in the cold area, the higher the need and cost of constant cooling. Given that it will be stored in a cold storage company, you wouldn’t have to worry about these costs. Moreover, they would have a higher density storage space, thereby allowing an expansive amount of goods to be stored.

Common Issues Solved by Cold Storage Warehouse Companies

Unique Systems

The equipment needs to have the right button sizes placed on then, thereby allowing the staff to work efficiently on them while wearing gloves. Refrigerated and cold environments normally don’t allow operation of standard or even touchscreen monitors. For this reason, you need a proficient company who have unique systems implanted that are resistant to the varied temperatures.

In Conclusion

When storing goods that are temperature sensitive, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration especially when storing them in-house. That however doesn’t have to be the case when you opt for the cold storage services of a company such as Triburg. They will help you overcome these difficulties and make the entire process smooth, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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