Care Tips to Ensure Fresh, Newly Delivered Flowers Last Longer

October 12, 2020

Same Day Flower Delivery Dubai

Many florists now offer same day flower delivery Dubai. However, as you probably know, flowers are highly perishable plants. As pleasing as your newly delivered flowers might seem, you have to learn how to keep them fresh and blooming for longer as soon as they arrive at your doorstep. In this post, we explore a series of tips on how to care for fresh cut flowers.

Keep the Flowers in a Clean Vase Filled with Fresh Water

Before anything else, make sure your flower vase or container is clean to keep bacteria at bay. Add your flowers and fresh clean water to the vase or container. You can also mix commercial fresh flower food with the water to keep your flowers nourished.

Don’t Place the Flowers Near Fruits or Veggies

One of the biggest mistakes most people do is placing their flowers next to fruits and vegetables. Although they look great together, fruits tend to emit ethylene gas, which may cause your flowers to wilt or decay prematurely.

Keep the Flowers Away from Extreme Temperatures

Some types of flowers such as the Birds of Paradise thrive in warm conditions. However, for most flowers, you should avoid extreme temperatures and direct sunlight to prevent them from drying out and wilting. Keep your fresh flowers away from draft and place them in a cool spot to prevent premature wilting.

Check Your Flowers and Add Fresh Water Daily

Daily care is vital to keeping your flowers fresh for longer. With this in mind, you should make it a routine to check your flowers every day first thing in the morning. Also, check the water level and ensure the foliage stems are completely submerged. You may need to change the water completely if it gets cloudy.

Trim the Stems

Depending on the type of flower, you may need to trim the stems every few days to allow the flower to take up as much water as possible. Using a sharp knife, re-cut the stem at an angle about 1 inch from the bottom. Avoid using scissors since they can crush the stems and impede water absorption.

Remove Wilting Leaves and Dead Stems

After a few days, your flowers will inevitably begin to wilt. Remove the dying flowers from the floral arrangement to prevent others from deteriorating quickly. In addition, make sure you remove wilting leaves and cut out dead stems from the remaining fresh flowers.

Pluck Out Matured Blossoms

Some flowers will begin to blossom as days go by. However, some blossoms may begin to wither and make your flowers lose their appeal. With this in mind, you should pluck out any blossoms past their prime to keep your flowers looking fresh and attractive.

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